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So I am actually writing this blog about blogging. When we were first told that we had to blog for class, I was not so sure how I was going to feel about it. However, I realized that I really enjoy blogging. I also learned that it is easier to write a blog post whenever I go do things instead of just sit in my room. There are only so many blogs that can be written from staying inside my dorm room. Instead, I like to blog about the things that I do, the people that I see, the things that completely gain my attention, and the things that inspire me. By going on trips or saying yes when my friends want to go on small adventures, I have so many more stories to tell. I saw a quote recently that said, “I would rather say ‘Oh Well’ later than say ‘What if’.” I feel like there is a lot of truth to this. As long as we are having good, clean fun, I would much rather say “Oh Well that didn’t work out as planned” or “Oh Well, we didn’t get a lot of sleep” than I would to say “What If we would have went on that random adventure the other night.” After blogging for two semesters, I have actually decided that I now want to start another blog just for my own personal use.

My Blogging Space

My Blogging Space


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ΑΣΤ. Dreamer. Sociology major. Amateur Photographer. Music lover. Adventurer.
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