Bunny Love

One of my friends recently purchased a bunny. The bunny, named Rusty, might be one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Rusty does not like to be passed around and raises one ear when he gets mad. I got the chance to hold the bunny and my day was completely made. The best part though, is that Rusty was staying in my friend’s dorm for the night. They had made a place for Rusty in their closet by using empty boxes. We went to his dorm room constantly just to play with the bunny. I realized how excited college kids get over seeing adorable animals. All of my friends wanted to hold the bunny, take pictures with and of the bunny, and constantly go see what the bunny was doing. I feel like if we weren’t living in dorms where we cannot have animals and went to pet-friendly colleges, then we would not be so excited every time we get to play with someone’s pet. Whatever the reason though, I am sure that Rusty the bunny loved us playing with him and petting him whenever we got the chance.


Rusty the Bunny


About jlyons4

ΑΣΤ. Dreamer. Sociology major. Amateur Photographer. Music lover. Adventurer.
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