Doggie Love

Last week, my friend was in charge of house sitting for a few of his friends. House sitting included going to their house and playing with their dogs for a little bit each night. One night, he invited us over to the house to help him feed the dogs and walk them around. I was in awe of how cute they were. They dogs were small dogs and only understood people when they talked to the dogs in Spanish. Although the dogs were adorable, the best part was watching five college kids sit and simply play with the dogs for at least an hour. We took turns begging the dogs to come sit with us and we would have probably resembled five year olds if anyone had been watching us. It is crazy to realize how much entertainment and happiness the little dogs could bring us and how even college students still have a child’s heart somewhere inside of them.

Velte and a Puppy

Velte and a Puppy


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