Teaching Manners

Since my mom owns a daycare, I am used to being around kids all of the time. I am also used to trying to teach children manners through simple things. Kids generally look up to the older people around them, and their actions usually reflect who they watch. My mom was keeping three little boys, Case, Hunter, and Beau, one weekend and I noticed them watching us. We took the boys out to eat and when we were leaving, Case started watching people push in their chairs.  He pushed his chair in too and then realized that Mr. Michael, my dad, had left his chair out and in the way. He then pushed in my dad’s chair too and then went outside to get on to my dad. The whole thing caused me to laugh, but it also made me realize how much of our behavior is learned by watching others and why it is important for me to be a good role model in all that I do.

Case Pushing in his Chair

Case Pushing in my Dad’s Chair


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    March grade 15/15


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