Matt Stell in Baztech

Tuesday night, my friends and I spent great quality time in Baztech listening to music. That night, the student activities board had Matt Stell come and play his music live. The place was packed with students enjoying the music and simply enjoying the time spent with friends. There was a fire in the fireplace, Starbucks was packed, and there were even students dancing to the music. It was awesome to see the community feeling of Arkansas Tech in action as we were all gathered in Baztech. I am thankful to go to a school where there is a strong sense of community and people work hard to further strengthen it.  That night allowed students to have a good time, listen to great music was heard, and even possibly build relationships with others.

Matt Stell

Matt Stell


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  1. baitken60 says:

    GA- January grade 12/9


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